Vaping is simply inhaling vapour from any vaping device and used by many people to give up smoking. It really is that simple.

All vaping devices operate using the same principals. A battery powers a coil, which heats a liquid solution, known as eLiquid. This produces a vapour which is then inhaled.

eLiquid is a solution for use in vaping devices. It is made up of food grade ingredients with the addition of Nicotine.

There are only 4 ingredients that make up our eLiquid, they are Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Food Flavourings and Nicotine.

Our eLiquid is mixed at 50:50 PG:VG Ratio as we find this to be the optimum blend, after years of experience and testing. It is manufactured in our purpose built 'HEPA filtered' Clean Room facility in Lancashire, United Kingdom and all bottles are made fresh to order.

eLiquid is also called E-Juice, Vaping Fluid or Oil.

Our eLiquid can be used in all vaping devices.

First of all, you need two things, (1) Vaping Device and (2) eLiquid.

(1) Vaping Device

Our first piece of advice, DO NOT BUY A CIG-A-LIKE, the look-a-like cigarettes will not satisfy your cravings.

For the absolute beginner, we recommend, the Eleaf® iCare Starter Kit. It is simple enough for anyone to use, affordable and a direct replacement for cigarettes.

We stock a huge range of Vaping kits with many different functions and features, our full range can be found under 'Vaping Kits'.

(2) eLiquid

Our eLiquid is available in over 100 different flavours and 6 different Nicotine strengths (MG). Our full range can be found under the 'eLiquid' tab.

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The heavier a smoker you are, the stronger the eLiquid you should start with. Stronger liquids cause a more intense “throat hit”, so do bear that in mind when making your first purchase.

Some devices kick out more of the vapour per puff. As a rule of thumb, choose lower nicotine concentration eLiquid with more powerful devices.

There are predominantly 2 different styles of vaping:

(1) MTL - Mouth to Lung: Replicates cigarette smoking

(2) DL - Direct Lung: Blow big clouds of vapour

Mouth to Lung (MTL) & Direct Lung (DL) Vaping Styles

Yes! To clean out your tank, please follow graphic below:

How to clean a vape tank