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Here at WITCH ELIQUID we arrive at work every day with the knowledge and pride that we are helping smokers to quit, and stay that way. The majority of our staff are vapers and it gives us a superb sense of well-being and satisfaction to improve the lives and health of our clients, while saving them CASH. What job could be better than speaking to a customer who has used your product for years, and then thanks you earnestly for selling them stuff. Its magical.

  • Help people to Quit
  • Make it safe and easy for them to enjoy Quitting
  • Get the products to them quickly to negate the chances of smoking again.
  • Answer Customer questions quickly and honestly
  • Keep the price as low as possible to encourage quitting.

We'll be glad you did.



"Have used this [site] for nearly 2 years. .. Used to smoke 30 a day...Off to New York next year through saving on fags. Great site, easy to use."

Mary G

"All in all your E-Liquids and products are fantastic. Your order turn around time excellent. However your help line was amazing- I am deaf so can only use email and was suspecting it to take ages for reply but nope less than 24hrs.

Thank you so much I will certainly be recommending Witch ELiquid to friends"