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Welcome to Witch eLiquid

What is an eCigarette?

Witch eLiquid - CE4+ 1100mAh eCigarette explainedeCigarettes are the best alternative to smoking . They deliver the same throat and mouth feel as a cigarette without the 4000 other noxious chemicals that come with analogue cigarettes.

They consist of a battery, a Clearomiser for the eLiquid and a drip tip or mouthpiece.

Flavoured eLiquid is dripped into the tank and wicks deliver it to an atomiser which turns the eLiquid into vapour.

The eLiquids contain an amount of nicotine to fulfil the craving; this can be reduced over time so as to break the habit. There are a huge number of flavours available ranging from Marlboro tobacco or Ice Menthol to stranger ones such as Mint Choc-Chip or Coconut.